It was sunday Morning, After long time (may be 3 to 4 years) I was at my hometown ,  I just thought that lets have a Street walk.

I saw a blur thing like a Human being, approximately distance of 1 km .As soon as distance decrees my face becomes smily .I wondered “why my face is getting smile?”

He is who makes me always smile,and I got in our flash back…..            

Where we use to catch fish, Runs behind the rabbits to catch them, throws stones in the river, go to swing,In the night trys to catch “light birds“, goes on the hills to roll down the big stones .

It was relly too much enjoyable Than now It’s a time ,we have money, we have all things but it can not give that much happiness like fishing ,we hardly catch one or two fish of size 2 -3 inches but we were happy.

Suddenly sound hits on ears “**** kuth re ***?” (* Indicate bad words in marathi which is my regional language. These are bad words but in friendship it’s show love )nd I came back form my flash back.

 I say how r u? He hug me and said “I think you will never came back….”and discussion start, which will ends after 8 hours….